There are 11 major subjects available under 4 faculty of Arts, 6 faculty of Science and Commerce as follows:

1. Tamil

2. English

3. B.B.A.

4. Commerce

5. Chemistry

6. Computer Science

7. Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics

8. Mathematics

9. Physics

10. Economics

11. Botany

12. History

13. Zoology



In the present day of globalization, all our undergraduate courses are highly job oriented.


1. B.A. Tamil Course will give job opportunities in various fields like

1. Teaching

2. Comparing

3. Drama

4. Reporter

5. News Reader

2. M.A.Tamil Course will give job opportunities in various fields like

1. Teaching

2. Comparing

3. Drama

4. Reporter

5. News Reader

3. M.Phil. Tamil Course will give job opportunities in various fields like

          1.  Lecturer

          2. Speaker

           3. Assistant Profeesor

           4. Social Service Works

           5. Research

           6. International and NationalSeminar

           7. Drama

4. P.hD. Tamil Course will give job opportunities in various fields like

          1.  Research

          2. International and National Seminar and Books

          3. Drama

          4. Guide

5. B.A. English Course will give job opportunities in various fields like

1. To enhance the knowledge vista for the foreign language English

2.To improve upon the vocabulary and accent

3.To pave way for higher learning and research in English

4.To kindle free communication in the English language

6. B.B.A. Course also provide many more jobs in

1. Schools and Colleges

2. Industries [Sales representative, Proprietors, Ownership]

3. Call Centres

4. Customer Care

5. Marketing

6. Consultancy etc.

7. B.Com., M.Com.& M.Phil. (Commerce) Courses can give the job opportunities in

1. Banking Sectors

2. Teaching [Both in Schools and Colleges]

3. Co-operative Societies [Clerical]

4.  Accountant

5. Business

6. Call Centres

7. Marketing etc.

8. B.Sc.Chemistry Course can give the job opportunities in

1.Schools and Colleges

2.Chemical Industries

3.Pharmaceutical Industries

4.Sales representative for drugs, etc.

5.Chemical Analyser

9. M.Sc.Chemistry Course can give the job opportunities in

1.Chemical Industries

2.Pharmaceutical Companies

3.Research Centres.

10. B.Sc.[Computer Science] Course will give job opportunities in various fields like

1. Teaching Profession  in Schools and Colleges

2. Programmer

3. Data Entry

4. Call Centres

5. IT Companies

11.M.Sc [Computer Science]

Expertizing  the Computer Skills for IT companies and to produce  research scholars to evolve more R&D Projects.

Creating Computer Professionals with software development and management skills for teaching and organizations.

12.B.Sc. Home Science[N,FSMD]& M.Sc.H.Sc.(Nutrition and Dietetics) Courses may also give many jobs in

1. Teaching [Both in Schools and Colleges]

2. Child Care Centre Supervisor

3. CNI[Community Nutrition Instructors]

4. Dietician

5.  Proprietor of Bakery Unit, Textiles etc.

6.  CDPO [Child Development Project Officer]

7.  Social Welfare Officer

8.  Family Counsellor [NGO] etc.

9.  Catering Management

10.  Hotel Management

13. B.Sc. Maths Course can give the job opportunities in

1.Teachning(Both Schools, Arts&Science Colleges, Engineering Colleges)

2.Software companies


4.Call centres

14. M.Sc Maths Course can give the job opportuinities in

1.Teaching (Both schools, Arts & Science Colleges, Engineering and polytechnic colleges)

2.Easily get  marks and pass the exam SLET, NET Exams


4.Attend the Group I and Group II Exam and PGTRB Exam

 5.Call centres and software companies.

15.BSc Botony

1.Teahcing (Both schools, Arts & Colleges nursing colleges)

2.Research Fields like Biotechnology

3. Industrial Field

16. B.Sc Physics Course can give the job opportunities in

1.Higher studies

2.Teaching in School and Colleges

3.Research fields like Nano

4.In Astrophysics

5.Industrial Fields

17. BA Economics Course can give the job opportunities in

1.Higher studies

2.Teaching in School and Colleges

3. Industrial Fields

4. Business

18. MA. Economics:

In recent Years, the Study of economics has evolved to include an infusion of maths, statistics and computational methods. The practical application of economics has become curcial to make better business and financial decisions in the global market place. As most businesses across the globe are impacted by the economy, it is vital to understand the effects of an increase in interest rates, unempoloyment and so on. Ph.D  economs is very important and highly recommended for the students who pursue M.Phil. These courses will help the students to qualify themselves for the post of Assistant Professor, Statistical Quality Controller, Statistical Investigator, Financial Analust, Economy Analyser, Marketing Insurance and Banking companies in various institutions.

19. B.Sc.Botany Course can give the job opportunities in

1.Teaching (Both schools, Arts & Science Colleges, Nursing colleges)

2.Research fields like biotechnology lab

3.Industrial Fields

Students have flexibility to pursue programmes as per university norms.  Our vision is to enlighten the women folk to be successful in life.  We provide them not only job-oriented courses but also a value-based education to achieve our mission and goals.  This college is a boon to the downtrodden and poor women folk especially from the rural areas of Sivaganga to get higher education at affordable cost.  Admissions are made on the basis of merit within the framework of reservation.  We are proud to state that more than 75% of our students are first graduates in their families produced by our institution.  By providing the job-oriented courses we give them opportunities to raise their moral economic status to lead a successful life.  The feedback form and the inspection reports from the DCE and RJD are taken into account for the teaching programmes.  The board of study members periodically change the syllabi for enriching and updating the subject to meet the present needs.  B.B.A. and B.Sc. Home Science[N,FSMD] students undergo training programmes in the neighbourhood industries like Sakthi sugars, padamathur, Sri kaleeswara Mills, etc. and to various Hospitals like Devaki Hospital, Karaikudi, Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai, Vadamalaiyan Hospital, Madurai.

Students are selected on the basis of academic performances in the plus two level examinations within the framework of Communal reservations. The knowledge and skill of the students are assessed by monthly tests, assignments, group discussions.  Seminars are being conducted to assess the knowledge of the students.  Remedial courses are being conducted to SC/ST and MBC/DNC students from the beginning of the academic year.  They are being given special coaching to update their knowledge in the concerned subjects.  Educationally poor students are under special care of raise their knowledge and skill further by exposing themselves in different activities and competitions like elocution, essay, drawing, composing poems etc., conducted at inter University, District and State Level.  The departments and college council design the teaching plans.  The lecture method of teaching is supplemented by conducting seminars, project works, quiz programmes, Group Discussions and Audio & Video programmes.  Audio and video facilities and OHP are available.  Regular class tests and model examination for each semester are regularly conducted and progress reports are sent to the parents.  Each department is maintaining  the Internal and External Mark register.   Written and oral quiz are conducted regularly.  Students are given home assignments.  Seminars are assessed by the teachers.  The assessment marks are added with the internal marks.

20. B.A History:

    The Scope of history has been undergoing constant change. In the Past, the World was divided into number of Social, Political and Cultural Units.

21. B.Sc., Zoology:

Zoology is that branch of science which deals with the study of the animal kingdom. The branch deals with the structure embryology, evolution, classification and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct. For Students interested in making a career in Zoology will be required to deal with both the existing, dead and quite possible the extinct species of the animal kingdom.